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You Also Have to Know

1) 1 Cubic Kilometre = 10^12 Litre

2) 1 Cubic Hecomere = 10^9 Litre

3) 1 Cubic Metre = 1000 Litre

4) 1 Cubic Centimetre =0.001 Litre

5) 1 Cubic Milimetre = 10^-6 Litre

6) 1 Cubic Mile = 4.168 x 10^12 Litre

7) 1 Cubic Yard = 746.555 Litre

8) 1 Cubic Inch = 0.0163871 Litre

9) 1 Megalitre = 10^6 Litre

10) 1 Kilolitre = 1000 Litre

11) 1 Microlitre = 10^-6 Litre

12) 1 Acre Foot = 1233480 Litre

13) 1 Board Foot = 2.36 litre

14) 1 Gallon(US) = 3.78541 Litre

15) 1 Gagalitre = 10^9 Litre


Volume is that the quantity of area occupied by associate object or a cloth. Volume is claimed to be a derived unit, since the amount of associate object may be famous from different measurements. so as to seek out the amount of an oblong box, for instance, one solely must grasp the length, width, and depth of the box. Then the amount may be calculated from the formula, V = l* w * d . (l=length,w=width,d=depth) The volume of most physical objects may be a operate of 2 different factors: temperature and pressure. In general, the amount of associate object will increase with a rise in temperature and reduces with a rise in pressure. Some exceptions exist to the current general rule. for instance, once water is heated from a temperature of 32 degre Fahrenheit (0 degree Celsius) to 39 degree Fahrenheit (4 degree Celsius), it decreases in volume. Above 39 degree Fahrenheit,however, more heating of water leads to a rise in volume that's additional characteristic of matter.

Volume Units Table

Liter Cubic Kilometer Cubic Hectometer Cubic Meter
Cubic Centimeter Cubic Milimeter Gigaliter Megaliter
Kiloliter Microliter Cubic Mile Acre Foot
Cubic Yard Board Foot Cubic Inch Gallon(Us)

CGS Unit Liter (l)
SI Unit Cubic meter (m^3)
FPS Unit Cubic foot (ft^3)

Liter (l)

The metric capacity unit (international spelling) or leter (American spelling) (symbols L or l ) is SI accepted system of weights and measures unit of volume capable one cubic decimeter (dm3), 1,000 cubiform centimetres (cm3) or 1/1,000 kiloliter. A cubic decimeter (or litre) occupies a volume of ten cm*10 cm*10 cm (see figure) and is so capable thousandth of a kiloliter. The original French system of weights and measures used the metric capacity unit as a base unit. The word metric capacity unit comes from AN older French unit, the litron, whose name came from Greek wherever it absolutely was a unit of weight, not volume via Latin, and that equalled or so zero.831 litres. The metric capacity unit was conjointly employed in many resulting versions of the system of weights and measures and is accepted to be used with the SI, though not AN SI unit the SI unit of volume is that the kiloliter (m3). The writing system utilized by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures is "litre", a writing system that is shared by the majority communicatory countries. The writing system "liter" is preponderantly employed in American language.

Cubic Meter (m3)

The kilolitre (in British English and international orthography as utilized by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures) or cubic metre (in yank English) is that the SI derived unit of volume. Its SI image is M3. It's the quantity of a cube with edges one metre long. Another different name, now not wide used was the kiloliter.
The term 'cubic meter' could sound advanced and fancy, however it's extremely simply the name of a block of space a cube that may be a terribly specific size. This cube may be a excellent cube. The length, dimension and height area unit all the same: one meter. (One meter is capable concerning three.28 feet, that is simply a bit bit longer than a yardstick you would possibly notice in your room.)

Cubic Foot (ft3)

The cubic content unit (symbol ft3) is associate imperial and United States customary (non-metric) unit of volume, utilized in the us, and partly in Canada, and therefore the uk. it's outlined because the volume of a cube with sides of 1 foot (0.3048 m) long. Its volume is twenty eight.3168 liters or concerning 1/35 of a metric capacity unit. At sixty °F (16 °C), a cubic content unit of water weighs sixty two.36630 pounds (28.28888 kg).
1 cubic foot
= 1728 cubic inches
= 0.028316846592 cubic meters
= 28.316846592 liters
= 957.51 US fl oz
= 6.2288 imperial gallons
= 996.61 imperial fluid ounces
= 0.80356 US bushels
= 0.17811 oil barrel

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